This Morning on the SMC the crew has New York Comic Con 2014 to talk about, and the usual comic pics of last week. With all the news dropping the crew dives through some of the best. Before all that gets started you have the Toymasters question of the day. What was the most memorable toy commercial that played during your Saturday morning cartoons?

This week Jen is back and we are hitting the comics hard in part one of this episode. Along side some awesome books like Wytches, Death Vigil, and Sabrina the group goes over the newest Batmen and his new tank suit. At the end we Answer a question that was posted on Geekopolis asking who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain America. See who comes out on top in this weeks Hall of Heros podcast.

This week our group goes over the best comics of the week. In that bunch we have some comics that some of our group just cant get behind. After we go back an forth over the new Captain America and female Thor we jump into video games, movies and tv. So tune in to hear our thoughts on everything that went down this week in “the second coming”.