Anonymous asked:

Would you ever go on the Howard Stern show to talk about your work?

brianmichaelbendis answered:

My love for the Howard Stern show is pure.

my place in geek culture has gotten me crazy places in the stern universe. I have been, no joke, inside Howard Stern’s apartment for an all day meeting with him.  easily one of the greatest days of my life.

 plus he has talked about ultimate Spider-man on the air.

 on top of that I am a frequent guest of the geektime show on Howard 101 and the awesomeness that is Jason Kaplan has let me sit in on the wrap-up show and tour the studios

 but I’m too big of a fan to even want to be on that show. to be a good guest you have to say some things about yourself that I might not want to say out loud :-)

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